1877 c/o Tom Murphy

Imagine the heart and its emptiness at never going home
I was never a chief, I couldn't speak for everyone, only my war band
So some of us went a different path

We stayed ahead of the soldiers
The young ones exhausted
The women, hungry, complained less than the braves
One by one some fell behind as the strength left them
And every time we fought we were fewer

At the dark moon we reached the sacred place
And I went alone to speak with the weyekin
I was afraid
They came from somewhere else beyond our soil and our sky and our trees
And they spoke in strange ways
They were angry and I thought they would take me from my people
But their anger was of a different nature
And they told me I could take my people through the mountain but I could never come home
They stopped the river flowing
And they made a great cloud of it so the soldiers could not see us
And we walked through a place that was somewhere else
To the other side of the mountain

In time we will die
But this is not life
My heart is empty and hollow
And my tears are only shown to the night