1876 c/o Teona Galgoțiu

Our TV is in the garden, tiny blue insects have covered it.
We do not know what kind of insects they are
but we admire them.

Before I watch you undress on the porch you play with the remote.
The sky is insect blue.

Channel 1. Be My Graham Bell
“come here, I want to see you”
it’s all I remember from that year

every night I woke up hearing the tinkling sound
of your piss in the sink
naked and with your eyes closed
you looked tender

every morning you watched your favourite women’s boxing match
I’d get angry you’d get horny
I’d put a blanket on you

I think about you when I wash my hands

Channel 2. Pop-up Brunhilda
sometimes I wish I didn’t sleep in a ring of flames anymore
but right now I find it suits me
if a man came by to save me
I’d pretend I’m asleep

in my dreams I eat tons of soup
I’ve never been ill in my life, it never gets cold in my ring of flames
in my dreams a tall woman tries to make me feel bad for my thoughts
and I tell her
Sink down, Giantess!
I rarely wake up

Channel 3. Ashtabula Love Story
you put one hand on my cheek
and the other on my butt
the train stops making that train sound
I’m not sorry, we both looked good then
you were wearing an ugly shirt, I was flea-bitten
you were quiet, I was hopeful
it’s the last very good thing I remember