1872 c/o Carmen E. Brady

hello, yes--
i would like to take you alone

don’t you know

take you to boling bacteria matts
where the ground doesn’t care about your feet

i never know what to say, but god
do i appreciate the preservation


and i don’t know how long anything will last

(but not forever)

and so many things and people will die
boiling alive

all while the ground screams


in conversations my father says we have to save this for future generations

and some nights i curl sideways and think about the world

like i could give birth to anything at all

other than myself


i always say i am ready for death
and i think i will be until that moment comes

and i’ll loudly take it back


so thank you because i am always upset and everyone wants a forever
knowing nothing lasts

but now i’m full of all these memories

sunflowers and fumaroles
a supervolcano set to blow


this life is just full of subtle beauties

and i want to share every atom with you