1852 c/o Dan Power

I used to slow-drink my beers
I used to waste
so much time
Wikipedia, the
free encyclopaedia,
teach us
about henry clay the american lawyer and planter, statesman
and skilled orator
who did all
kinds of cool, memorable shit
like the time
he drowned
in a boat
also named henry clay
if that isn’t irony
then idk what is
he was always
such a joker
that’s a good
legacy to have
don’t you think?

one day
I will own a desk
the width of an entire room
so I can tell my friends

I’m working on something big

one day
let’s call it saturday
I will tell you everything
everything I will tell you every thing I will tell you everything
on saturday night
it’s going to
now I’ve planted the
now I’ve got nothing
left to stop it

I feel like a French baker
having an existential crisis

because my entire life is pain

and if you can’t laugh at that
then idk

cheer up, I suppose