1806 c/o JJ Mars

The aliens had landed and I was in a small Indian restaurant eating tomatoes. They wanted me to hurry up with the tomatoes. The indian restaurant was in a small medieval village. Something like a small village in Bavaria with the mountains behind me and knee high socks. There was an endless plate of sliced tomatoes. The waitress was hovering behind me. I could feel her hot breath on my neck. Hurry up, she said. She took the plate away before I finished and I walked outside. There was a large group of medieval knights gathered in the square. With a large colourful flag. They said the aliens were not far behind them. Just then, a family appeared. A mother, a father, and a daughter. We come in peace, they said. Then they took out six small pill boxes. Welcome to the psychedelic revolution, they said. Some people had gathered in the medieval square. Others were hiding behind their red curtains in their cold brick houses. No one wanted to try the pills. I stepped forward. I took one pill, it was white and was supposed to help for digestion. Then I took another pill. It was blue. It was for expanding. Then I crawled around on the grass. Touching each blade of grass like it was a blanket. A soft and silky blanket. Euphoria, the father asked. Euphoria, I said. The other residents did not step forward. They were waiting. Then the father stepped forward. He had slicked black hair. Can you guess my new name, he asked. I shook my head. John Travolta, he said, while doing a snake dance. Then the mother stepped forward. You can guess my name now, she said. I sighed. Olivia Newton John, I asked. Yes, she said, stomping out her cigarette in an innocent way. Then the daughter stepped forward and kissed me on both cheeks. Then the father and the mother did the same. The other people in the square slowly stepped toward the pill boxes. Mumbling in a foreign language. They walked down the line and kissed the mother, daughter and father on both cheeks. We are all German citizens, they said.