1801 c/o Richard Owain Roberts


My dad was murdered (1801)
I’m my own boss now, great
Feel calm, enthusiastic,
‘Born to Do It’


My dad died a boring death (1991)
Casual white child seeking love, acclaim,
Neneh Cherry

Lately been thinking a lot about wakeboarding, kayaking, night swimming
Seems insane that anyone will want to read about those things
Huh with my advance I’ll buy a boat maybe

Is Peter Hitchens right about a lot of things
Feel like he called it re Christopher’s fanboys, Churchill,
maybe some others
Peter, will you be my new dad
Am working as hard as I can to return to my childlike state

My daughter sasses the pagans at Wales Online, First Thursday,
maybe some others
Now feel overwhelming guilt for ever doubting her
I applaud as she throws my iPhone, face down
onto the hardwood floor
She turns to face me
A tiny grinning maniac
I clap harder