1793 c/o Emeline Morin

That’s how the French girl pictures history. Before and after. History as a big coloured timeline pinned high on classroom walls. 1793 stands out; a shiny golden date. Before there were kings, and after, there weren’t. Freedom and savagery; ‘The Horror!’ ‘The Glory!’

The cold empty castles became museums and Art was shared with the poor. All can now enjoy a kitsch renovated tapestry for a few euros only.

1793 that’s when the French thought they had mastered human rights and broken down class. Questionable national myth you say. However, and even though she never really did, the Queen shall never mock you into eating brioche. She doesn’t need to, you go out on Sunday mornings and buy warm brioche yourself. Let’s forget about human rights for a second; it is sweet and melts in your mouth, like the butter you spread on it, and the sugar in your coffee. La guillotine oh what a pretty, fearsome word. Do they keep it in the museums too? The girl wonders if we can find specks of royal blood and DNA to recreate a pre-French Revolution theme park. That’d be money well-spent on a weekend.