1789 c/o Rachel Bell

My father worked as a short order cook at a restaurant called Breadmen’s the year he graduated from UNC. Breadmen’s is on Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill, NC, right in the center of town, right next to campus. He cooked dinner for Michael Jordan there one night. UNC’s men’s basketball team won the NCAA Championship.

Michael Jordan received a degree in geography from UNC, even though he had already left to play pro ball. My mom was attending college at Saint Andrews in Laurinburg, NC, and working an internship in Lumberton, NC. Her car broke down at the Sun-Do Kwik Shop on State Road 74 between the towns.

I was born. Michael Jordan’s father, James, was driving home from a funeral when he pulled over at the Sun-Do Kwik Shop on State Road 74 to take a nap. He was shot dead in his sleep, his body later found in a swamp. UNC’s men’s basketball team won the NCAA Championship.

I became fond of the song “Kate” by Ben Folds. I played the song for my father in the car and he explained that when Ben Folds says “Down by Rosemary and Cameron, she hands out the Bhagavad Gita,” he is referring to Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill. I got sick at my grandmother’s house while in North Carolina for Christmas and vomited in a trashcan that had the Duke University mascot on it. I was proud to vomit there because Duke and UNC are rivals.

UNC’s men’s basketball team won the NCAA Championship with Rashad McCants and David Noel as their star players.

David Noel won the NCAA Slam Dunk Contest at Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. My brother and I watched from the crowd and got his autograph. The song “Grillz” by Nelly featuring Paul Wall, Ali and Gipp was playing while he signed my shirt.

I didn’t get accepted to UNC.

I found a book about the 2005 NCAA Championship in my brother’s room and noticed that Rashad McCants has a tattoo that says “Born to Be Hated” on one arm and a tattoo that says “Dying to Be Loved” on the other. I thought this was funny.

I got a tattoo of a Michael Jordan jersey on my ankle while drunk during a power outage.