1784 c/o Emily Brill

When i go to write the poem i am thinking these thoughts about romance + cynicism that weren't there before
and I like to shake my head and say,
"Where did these thoughts come from!"

it is good to write the line running in your head since birth
-- unless you are evil! --

but then --

well, i don't know:
i am sitting here and looking around with the warm eyes of anything

if I write something I bring it into being so
what is good to say?

(this is not shaping up to be a political poem!)

to say i love the cat hair
and i love the sheets
gives me this uneasy feeling
so i like to smile and shake my head:

the cat hair and the sheets are just there!

it's a long war against the poem-language
-- many casualties! --
but I will win!