1757 c/o Rebecca Pizzey


days left
I shall tear your legs apart
and you will feel my sinews working
against your


rags to riches
or slipping down the slope of servitude –
          my cell or yours?

at the close of this long parenthesis
the ravens will sink their beaks into your gaping sockets
I shall feast on you-r

15 Louis and now we’re
wrenching you open and pouring tar in places
you used to exist

you doll
taking this so well
but then


it hurts you hurt

on the 82nd day you will tell me
     -la journée sera rude

I’ve been waiting
I’m so hungry let me sink my teeth

and chew on the gristle in your subcutaneous fat
you fat pig
who wanted it all until you wanted nothing

I will savour you all
and relish

until there’s nothing left of you
but a live torso
burning at the stake

82 days.
I can hardly wait.