1756 c/o Bianca Shipton

English Transcript Of Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule (A Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing) by Leopold Mozart. Audio Cassette Edition I.

               hello i am mozart
                hello hello here we go!
                 first u
                  (your muscle is beating fast!)
                    first u spread yr fingers out wide, very wide, see your fingers are a cage !
                     THEN oh
                        ok wait let me think for a sec
                      oh yes, then you trap it!
                  (ahaah! the muscle of course)
                ok lets see lets see
           did you pay full price for this or buy it bootleg on the street?
         please consider my family
         my son will go after u. he’s a one man wolf gang. haha! idk lol! gosh!
          ok um
            things to think about when you are making the music:
               step heavy on the ground and something is thrown up from it,
                 wvvv v vibrations s
                   consider dust and how it is constantly mov. ed by you .
                     apply calm and tired focus to the fumes and oversaturation of light and the noise
                       when you are about to miss the morning
                         bus. in the evening you drink a cup of tea and how you lean into the slow
                           spread of it, apply that focus again when you are
                             about to miss the bus. apply that focus again when you are about to miss
                               the eye that glimpse you on the left.
                                 drink tea like u are about to miss a bus!
                                   [tape hiss] haha
                                       a full fist of fur
                                         how i am [tape hiss] even now!
                                           fear of the ultimate loss of all sensation, it would be rational to
                                             embrace the fear then
                                               to shout 'i am living/feeling!' through it ?
                                                 i will become the antennae and the touch
                                                  i was days spent synthesised in the soupy heat
                                                  if i stab yr eardrum now with a sharp word please don't
                                                 forget the way yr mother holds u that time
                                              see, they will call him a genius but genius is just
                                           reactions, chemical bonds
                                        [tape hiss] and what he will react to
                                     that i will hug him.
                                  that the wavelength of soft felt words fed transform into music.
                               eventually sound will transform into light (yes)
                            and just hold on very tightly
                          w/ yr fingers [tape hiss]
                       hold on v tight !!
                    [tape end]