1755 c/o Patrick Trotti

Waves Across The Empire

The Kingdom of Spain was ruined
on All Saint’s Day,
the irony of it all,
retribution for their
insatiable need to colonize.

9.0 magnitude,
but at least they know that the Earth
is round and not flat,
the instruments to measure the quake
must’ve been fit for a jester.

40 minutes later
an earthquake forced,
them to re-zone the downtown
city centre,
like Bloomberg and Times Square.

            Big enough to surf.

            Strong enough to swallow you whole.

King don’t care about
The people

It’s       the buildings
            the treasures
            his comfy mattress

ALL GONE in the year of our lord 1755.

But who to blame?

Science? Peasants?

The waves reached North Africa, Martinique.

The king’s water now mixed with
those he looks down upon,
contaminated feeling in his
royal bloodstream, God forbid,
and all this on All Saint’s Day?