1754 c/o Rebecca Perry

On serendipity

Fortuitous happenstance indeed                             the way the fresh water stream
bent in the ground                  at each perfect angle              not necessarily required of it
to greet your toes          when the sun was stripped back and hot hot enemy
yes burning                and you felt so desperate       lost            your brain without instruction
began recalling             the body and face              of the first person
you thought you loved          smell            hair           teeth              hip bone
meeting stomach                    sweet spit                            at the same time as hard crying
                        and preparing to die

Then serendipitous too                      the way the apples pushed out their shoulders
to fill one hundred shining green coats            hanging from branches                          waiting
for your aching teeth                   your sandy tongue                        honey too
there was honey in the trunk           shade                    have you ever been more thankful?

And look also          the way the blue of the sky                             mixes with the yellow
of its sun                         now also your sun once again                                       to make
a green          so truly transfixing                                        as this