1750 c/o Cean Gamalinda

September 24, 2013 9:42 am
crispin! if u need contributing for every year iwould love to give u a contribution c:

September 24, 2013 2:52 pm

If 1750 is still open I'll take it
May 8th, 2:32pm
ay bruh. fucking yonks ago you said you wanted to do 1750 for my for every year project

how long ago
was yonks ago?
it was 2014
minus 1750 years ago

to fire

did u for real

i build myself up 4 u
& u go and burn me?


000 homes !!
they were me
i was a thousand
homes u made me
ten times that then burned me
then didnt even let me keep the ashes!?
what is this, poetry!??;)

“if we set the beloved aflame it is proof
of the flame of our love” “don’t you wish
your girlfriend was hot like me” “when
doves cry” “i would die 4 u” good thing
i dont wear my heart on my sleeve cos
i dont wear sleeves ;) i think u just wish
yr gf was hot like me ;) even if i already
said it even if i have to say it 1750 more
times or else construct myself or
call me a house or daddy[?] no I
would rather you call me a house
or 10,000 burned down in 1750

to crispin

my yonks are coming home to roost
10,000 homes totally roasted in the year
you gave me as the other you gives me

May 18th, 3:15pm
my friend i finally finished this shit
it’s kind of a failed love poemy thing towards the middle but still all 1750ish
how should i send it??

O by the light of 1750 the chickens
have come home to roost (of a bird or bat) settle or congregate for rest or sleep
[4,20] i was blazed, the houses
each one of which was home
were me, the fire that razed
them me, and you, and you
were me too, 10,000 times
renamed, left hanging
for you to see ;)