1748 c/o Cayla Lockwood

introduction to the analysis of your infinite smile

saturday, 3:32 pm
we’re all foreigners here
dog days, berlin
they’re buying that infinite smile and
you sell it well
“a salesperson for a generation”
they’ll say
you’re hiding the deep in you and
you hide it well

monday, 7:43 am
you're still sleeping while
i’m still dreaming
you smile in your sleep, you know
a cross-examination reveals
that you are indeed
eyes wide open
dead asleep

monday, 7:14 pm
appearing like a mathematical constant
your energy makes the whole room feel lighter
it is an illusion
based on that
honest state of expression,
your infinite authenticity
the unsaid in you runs deep
the transcripts will later show
buried under lines of
permanent marker
you too are a human

thursday, 3:30 am
seeping of booze
the red rims of your eyes
are smiling
even wider than your mouth now
i'm drunk on the movement of
those infinite eyes
unsurprising as,
it doesn't take much
i recently tested positive for
"being a lightweight"

thursday, 5:04 am
hide under the infinite galaxy
of sheets
with me
i can feel your complexity
you wouldn't believe me if i tried but
i could understand more if
you'd breathe a little further

i'm touching your fingertips

i'm at the tips of you

i've been deeply disappointed before