1737 c/o Dennis James Sweeney


John Bevis throws hands.      John Bevis
passes in front of Mercury.      Dot

collapses on the observatory
tile.      He opens his

eyes.      John Bevis calls his
mother who is cooking

borscht, his favorite thing.      Mrs. Bevis answers
the phone in a pot of boiling

water, says:      hullo!      Hullo!
Citations.      1. The academy of

are you there, Lord?      2. The
Beegees, sans record, sans time.      3.

Point at which tree falls in
forest, no one is there, etc.      4. Deep water

communion (the sightless, the
soundless as a child, bubbles around the

hand).      John Bevis can feel them,
tingling, tickling knuckles.      He shouts

in the receiver.      I saw it, ma!
I saw it!      He saw

the far-off color
pinpoints copulate:      and his mother

says, honey.      All I hear
is noise.