1730 c/o Austin Kieler

the year we fell.

Russia was a pretty wonderful country.
Was...a long time ago.

thats where we met you and me.

                         it was your birthday remember?

           in that big arctic tundra of the russian country
           it was so cold i lost my pinky finger.

                         luckily though you found it and we were able to put it back on.
                         however both of us were quite intoxicated
           ....and we somehow put it on backwards.
now im that weird guy from russia with the backwards pinky.
and even god above laughs at my level of awkwardness.
his chuckle like the booming thunder of a tropical storm.
that was a terrible simile i know,
but i just miss you and the love we shared that arctic summer of ‘30.
i remember the cave by the frozen ocean shore.
we ate whale and went on fucked up trips from smoking whale blubber.
we fell into levels of consciousness that wont be explored again until the 60’s.

            the 1960’s that is.
we were the very first hipsters.
we were the very first hippies.

           we broke down the barriers of society.
           we fell into each others oblivion.

           i miss that.

i miss 1730.
the year we fell.