1726 c/o Michael Andrew O'Brien

Isaac: you know how i invented gravity?

William: now you’re telling me you invented gravity?
Isaac: well, what i mean is, how i invented the theory of gravity.
[william rolls his eyes to the ceiling]
Isaac: do i bore you, William?
William: in a word, yes.
Isaac: oh, i’m so sorry. i’m very sorry about bringing us into the scientific age. excuse me.
[William tuts]
Isaac: is that your retort, a rolling of the eyes & a clicking of the tongue?
[william was bored of Isaac & his gravity. he was thinking about being a druid.]
William: can we change the subject?
Isaac: you’re such a dick William. you & your fucking stonehenge.
William: oh & here we go again. if all else fails bring up stonehenge.
[the bickering continues for quite awhile. until Isaac concedes & changes the subject.]
Isaac: Voltaire arrives next week.
William: oh goody!
Isaac: we’ll have to invite him round for tea.
William: best idea you’ve ever had.