1725 c/o Molly Chatcat

poem written by man wearing wool tunic on top of ~10’x~10’ with ~5º arc plank bridge over danube in vienna looking at small carriage from spain ~40' west resting upon parallel/equivalent bridge and blocking sun (reflecting orange off surrounding line of adjacent/perpendicular-to-bridges concrete buildings) and containing “potentially most astonishing princess ever found in small carriage from spain resting upon ~10’x~10’ with ~5º arc plank bridge over danube in vienna and blocking sun (reflecting off surrounding line of adjacent/perpendicular-to-carriage concrete buildings) and looked at by man on parallel/equivalent bridge ~40’ east wearing wool tunic and writing poem about it"

i am looking at things and thinking they are good
if i had been given one bean i would have said it is good
i have been given so many beans (look (here!)!) so
imagine my surprise


holy man this beans tastes so good
here anyone who asks i will give them a taste of it this beans


if i am looking at one thing and thinking
“it is good”
i am really looking at many things actually
if one thing is many things
then many one things are many many things
this is the source of confusion
tho let me ask me this:
tho would you trade one thing for the confusion???
i am looking at sweet earth thinking “idk!”


tho look at a bridge holy man wow
~the grain
~the knots
~the creaks
the also ~the ripples
well i am similar to bridge in that we are both
wait i am also similar to carriage because
well whoa i am a also a good bean i mean too so


i look at the princess ~~~~
it looks like i will need to learn some sports
i will learn sports for you my bean


i love the columns on the buildings

seems like….
so like who —
shyeah i mean like
great job


walk well back and forth across bridge now
whoops i accidentally went out of control thinking about all the crippling joy
well this is new sport (needs snakes…!)


want to give to princess two beans and a snake and she
will not know my name yet and i
will say “this is ssssstephen”


“hello my dear would you like a sincere friend”
“hello i have been watching you, the danube, and you and the danube”
“hello thank you for your existence my bean”


[man blows kiss into danube]
princess: “oh why am i suddenly such blushing bean?!”
[carriage presses onward]