1710 c/o Sully Sanchez

a whimper

a screaming
comes across
the sky sky every day there are
men who struggle for a
day and they are good the

heaventree of stars hung
with humid nightblue
fruit they
were delicious so sweet and so

cold a red wheel
barrow glazed with rain
water beside
white chickens the

winter does what
it can for its
children thank you you
are a very pleasant

person thank
you you
are too july it’ll
hit you you in
july the sun

shone having
no alternative on the
nothing new  not
being with

you is the only way
i have to
time all in green
went my love riding on a great

horse of gold into the
silver dawn all of
us have a place in

 mine is
clouds anathematization of
the world is not an
response to

the world yes
is a pleasant
country the world
is a fine

place and worth the
for and i hate very
much to leave it my
poem is finished and i

haven't mentioned
orange yet it's twelve
poems i call
it oranges