1656 c/o Dan Venn

I only really drink oasis
I really hate the water Huygens. Whats the time?

I’m not sure. A pendulum clock won’t work at sea.

This is shitty.

The wind blows into Bernard’s ears and it’s all he can hear.

It’s cathartic. Look at how flat everything is.
Do you like right angles? We are perpendicular to the water.

To the fish as well. I don’t have a strong opinion regarding fish.
I’d prefer to visualise us above an empty space.

Ok. We are floating above the fish, which in turn are floating above the corals.

Are we still?

Would you prefer to be?



Whats the time?

...We’ll have to float for a few more hours.

I’m not sure where the fish are lying, but I need to pee before then Huygens.

They will understand. They would rather that than nothing at all. Fish don't like the dry.

I'm having doubts about this Huygens.