1641 c/o Sully Sanchez

a description of the famous kingdome of macaria

what is the right number of people to exist
right now

i'm either going to turn you into a magnet and
throw you off a bridge or calmly unzip your
clothing i can’t decide

just relax and stop ruining everything it’s ok to
be a quiet dandelion it’s a utopia after all

the fridge is our utopia and if we had decent
coats we'd live there 8 months a year easy i

eventually you’re going to think of a reason for
cartwheeling down the street trust me

wait would you rather be experiencing the
moment you’re experiencing right now or the
best moment of an African dictator’s life

i can probably take you out if you want and you
can watch me bowl a 116 or something sounds

i want to sit a badger in a tin bathtub and throw
confetti and then turn around slowly on the
spot as it falls while he watches

ok but you are still only about half as serious as
any kind of sandwich

there are two types of people: us and

i promise

i would like to lie on an iceberg near a penguin
and when he sleeps i'll put a medal round his
neck and call you to come look

this is ours and this a utopia i promise