1636 c/o James Duncan

hehe 666 pt. ?

He holds her shoulder between a thumb and index finger. It feels like sixteen thirty-six—soft, still going. He compares it to the moment. He wonders where all his good ideas went. He says her name and she wakes. He had not thought it would be that easy.

She does a tired, indistinct version of the stretch that she does when she wakes up. She looks at him to ask “are you getting in to or out of bed,” but she cannot manage to speak yet. He smiles. He says it is okay, but he is unsure of what. Why did he need to say that. It is early, it is a lot of things / It is probably okay.

A light wind passes over the windowsill into the room, making the door creak on its hinges / and the image of a tiny wincing star flickers across the area in between his eyes and something else. He thinks about taking a bath but shivers when he thinks about stepping out of it. She wants to eat the soap that smells like Turkish delight and is already asleep again. He slides his side of the blanket between the futon and her body, so that it is pressed close against both. He puts his face on her face and whispers, “Mummified.”

He puts his feet on the floor and stands up. He thinks “dead” and then “no, don’t.”

Later, he sits in the corner and reads a message on Gmail:

i don't get the

"it feels like sixteen thirty-six"

why did you decide to write it like that

i mean...

is that the connection to the year?
that line?

ok baby

He thinks things unrelated to the message like “nnnnmnmnnn,” “are those teeth?” and then “not this again.” He sits on the edge of the bed, almost slipping from it, and looks at the little barely-breathing cocoon that lies there. He replies to the message on Gmail.

i think it might be like a bro with his woman[who is also the ‘piece’] '1636' and then he kills her.. : / iunno iunno iunno iunno iunno

i will make some frickin edit

but does it make sense, that line... dygi?

i feel autistic

He drinks a chocolate flavoured soy-based protein drink, tasting the soy about one second before tasting the chocolate flavour. He feels like this is significant. He considers shaving his face but doesn’t shave his face. He reads a message on Gmail.

well... i mean it's kind of confusing, like...

i really like it, by the way

actually a lot

(sorry i didn't say that already)

i was just confused about how it came across as a 'google file'


but yeah

i do really like it


it's like... it's ok if it's abstract, or confusing, as long as i can tell myself "there is a reason that this is 1636 as opposed to just like... 1637 or 1840 or whatever"

does that sounds legit? or fucked?

i mean... could you incorporate something in there... or am i missing it?

that's why i asked about the title...

i thought "am i missing something?"

but ya


sorry about this... i'm being a butthead


He stares at the screen and contemplates the title “um more like 666 frickin meta 1636, hehe,” but feels that it would assume things about an audience or something. In a Microsoft Word document he changes the word “mattress” to “futon”.

Later, on Facebook chat, he writes, “how do I go invisible on chat?” and then “how do I go invisible IRL?” He knows he is confused but can only think about his confusion in a confused way. Yesterday, the Shogun forbade anyone from leaving or returning to the country.