1630 c/o Kirsty Logan

The Romance of History

If you were lost out on the moors, she says, like because of a snowstorm or a hurricane or a zombie apocalypse or something – and say in this alternate world I was a horse, too – then I'd totally let you disembowel me and then climb inside my body to keep warm. I totally would.

And also, she says, if someone stole the stones of your tomb to build themselves a house, because they weren't scared of ghosts or curses – and say that I was still alive and not buried – then I'd go to that house and tear it apart and rebuild your tomb. With my bare hands, I swear.

Most of all, she says, if the wind and the rain and the escaped prisoners all conspired to wear out the inscription above your kistvaen – or if everyone forgot what the hell a kistvaen even was – then I would remind them, because I would remember. I'll always remember.

I say: you've been reading those damn history books again.