1625 c/o Buster Jones


1. I am an Austrian farmer. Here I am.

2. We cannot believe exactly what you want. It is true we haven’t tried but then again we cannot believe exactly anything. Here we all are then and we are each of us unable to believe. Now then. What now.

3. We have been wondering what other countries are and why they are where they are. People come. I dreamed I crawled across a border. My jerkin is covered in mud still. Imagine if they killed us. We are going to be killed.

4. 16 rabbis are walking in a line toward my farm to trample my peas. Rabbis. I don’t want to die and I don’t want to attack the rabbis. I don’t want them to have wives who cry when the rabbis get thrown in jail for destroying my property. And who told them to be rabbis. And where did they all find rabbi’s wives.

5. They’ve built a bigger cliff to hold a heavier cross to look down on the water. The earth is stuffed with birds. We are Austrian farmers so what would we care. Maybe.

6. I keep dreaming of fishermen sat around that fountain with their lines resting on the surface. I think it means something. Their faces are each covered in gold leaf or lace and there is a fat dark body sunk quiet in the water. I really think it might mean something.

7. What is the bottom of mountain. Imagine it and I can imagine something deeper. What is the most distant memory. We are it. We are being killed soon enough either together or alone. We have found this out. We are Austrian pea farmers.

8. Domes are covering the buildings until people don’t pray any more. Look. I am not trying to rebel. I want to grow a million peas. Is that a lot.

9. How many colours are there. I can think of six colours of house, and three colours of fruit. I remember seeing two colours of sky. What then. Are colours about to come out of me. Is this like sea-sickness. I’ve been dreaming about my neck covered in rope. I think it means something.

10. The cathedral was underground so they carved the earth and made a mountain and here we are with our arms out looking down at the water. This isn’t my torch and I didn’t light it and I don’t want you to kill me.

11. I saw a woman in the town square carrying four fawns tied to a stick. I threw a pea-plant at her. A small pea-plant. There she goes running away. A waste of a farmer’s last pea-plant.

12. I should have put more breadcrumbs on the meat my wife spat out. Now I’m being killed. I should have done things for my wife. I should have done everything. I should have done more of everything for people. Farmer’s tears are on my face.

13. Remember Turkish horses running towards us. We have grown tired. I have had my last breakfast. I have missed my chance to lie down in front of a horse. I won’t be killed by a Turk. I won’t be killed by a horse. Did I mention I’m crying.

14. I can’t even imagine leaves. Where would colour even fit on our trees. Where would leaves go apart from beneath the earth. Or a pile of them burying a clifftop cross.

15. One of us says “Inside of a war there is a war”. The rest of us imagine the largest crow. The largest eagle. There is no middle size of creature that is flying above us here now in the last moments.

16. We’ve grown tired. So. Now. There he goes. There she goes, here we come. Here we go. Here they come. There we go. Here he comes. Here he comes. There he goes.