1619 c/o Derek Piotr

the defeat of the Jaffna Kingdom

listen king: you'll hand my girl to me soon (with withered hands) and suddenly die. your kingdom was beautifully weak, you were holding a damselfly in the rain. this ends now. my goddess won't understand you in years time, she'll wake one day to rain on the palace walls and look at the empty air and leave. your guards have mostly died, we killed them because you have her. who will keep her from leaving when she wants? she belongs to me.

my soul falls through the sun without her. a searing journey. your pearling season at Putalam distracted her from your imposed beauty. now she holds the one pearl she managed to save, close. observing a clouted reflection of herself. a beautiful vision. herself in milk. let me bring that milk. you are too old and soon shall expire. you look at maps and you don't exist. when i look at maps these months, i find the areas which link up, jacob's ladder block and ribbon leading to matrimony. let me know my goddess, king. bring her here.