1617 c/o Madison Langston

We Are Partially A Wellspring

June, or conception
Flora dumps her boyfriend and prays about it. Flora has not slept in two weeks. Flora thinks, no one is perfect and it's disgusting. Flora writes, I am so uninteresting! and falls onto her bed miserably. Flora imagines the branches of a tree smashing her kneecaps and feels motivated. Flora has sex with three men and orgasms once while imagining herself having an orgasm.

Flora's professor writes her love letters about the time they made love. Flora writes back, Last month was so hot I could die.

Flora grabs her hair and pulls it. She thinks, no one would notice if I pulled all my hair out. She thinks, I want to fucking kiss myself. Flora spends weekends with the professor who frequently talks about his headaches and does not frequently make Flora orgasm. Flora imagines taking naps inside her sister's throat while the professor makes his headaches orgasm. Flora says, Your bed is fucking comfortable. Flora says, Look at me now.

Flora watches her sister have sex and falls in love. Flora thinks, everyone is my soulmate and we are all so fortunate. Flora says, You are my sister, my soulmate. Flora's sister says, Flora eats lunch every other day but she has never seen a kitchen.

Flora touches her navel and feels a small sickness growing inside of her. Flora writes, I am a bellyful of bones. Flora coughs up a closet and puts her clothes there. Flora says, Everything is empty until we put ourselves inside. Flora says, This closet isn't big enough. Flora feels like a sidewalk but beautiful.

October, or the roof of the mouths are formed
Flora has a nosebleed and feels something which she calls a quickening. Flora writes love letters to the quickening. Flora says, There are so many people inside me.

Flora taps on her stomach while the professor talks to her. She thinks, I'd rather fuck my sister than listen to you. She says, I think I'm sleepy can we take a nap? She says, Are you in love with me or not? Flora feels anxious and goes to sleep. Flora dreams about an opening. In the dream the professor says, You are a little mountain. He says, Let me in your insides.

Flora thinks, someone is smashing my kneecaps and I am feeling motivated. Flora says, I hate you. Flora thinks, I hate you. Flora says, I hate watching you eat in public. Flora thinks, I want to occupy the faces of people I know and not feel redundant. Flora paces her bedroom and falls into the hallway to feel a change. Flora says, We are all accidental.

March, or delivering
Flora wakes up and thinks, something is happening. Flora finds the professor and looks at him as if something might be happening. The professor says, Oh! You are really delivering. The professor says, I can't wait to see what we made. Flora spreads her legs and lets her insides fall out. Flora says, Let me see it. Flora looks closely and says, I really don't understand the arrangement.

Flora thinks, This really isn't funny. Flora laughs and says, Goddamnit. Flora walks into the bathroom and sits on the floor. Flora says, It was like they were unfinished. She says, One of them looked incomplete.

Flora carves the words 'lusus naturae' into her thighs and then on the surface of her stomach. Flora lifts her arms and prays about it. She thinks, no one is perfect unless they are giving me an orgasm. Flora's blood leaves the body in straight lines that later become a circle. Flora's sister says, Our last image of her was formed so beautifully. Flora's sister says, we named the mass of it Lazarus.