1615 c/o Barry Grass

Bier mag weer gezien worden
(Beer may be seen again)

A city under a green tree shield.
Groenlo. The Netherlands. Nearly
Germany. Green tree under siege.
Green grass under Spanish foot. A city
In need of a Green Knight.

Green glass shimmering. Light strike.
Reinheitsgebot. Dip the yeast stick, let
Pils malt bottom-ferment. Lager anger.
Lager nationalism. Cold-store it all.

Grolsch; of Grolle. From the green, of
The green, is the green, is rejuvenation.
Swing-top bottles. Bottle up everything.
Porcelain crown. Pressurized seal.
Defend. Defend.

Abeyance. Wait for the moment. Spain
Will one day weaken. Then: pop the cap.
Emboss in green