1595 c/o anon.

Puck gives you the finger from the future because he is in the middle of being written in 1595, also in 1595 January 29 or January 30 William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet is probably first performed. May 24 1595 the nomenclature of Laiden University Library appears - which is the first printed catalog of an institutional library. Later William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will sit in that library so will Puck duh, bitches.

It was the foreshadowing that got to me. Who knows what length are the depths in these murky waters? I will tell you this: It was cold and there was algae everywhere. What do we have here in this Romeo and Julieta? We have the hero the heroine we have the seer, we have some villains, we have some outlying characters, we have some legends. (Queen Mab, for example.) This is she. I rode a gnat to your pillow so I could whisper nightmares into your ear and wow are my gnat’s arms tired. But what is it you’re wanting here? Our hero and heroine spent the entire love story worrying about the foreshadowing. Every two pages it was all, What trouble befalls this worried mind? Tonight in the stars I see some misshapen events not yet played, etc. What is the point of all the yadyadyada? Be like, me, get the finger from Puck. Comedy drums: BADUMCHING. *cue lights, thank you, thank you.


Some worry befalls this troubled mind I know not yet what instances will occur but I am certain there will be days when I have failed you.