1594 c/o Marta Q.


Sometimes MAN kills his sons. At one point, MAN has a lot of sons, but later he has fewer. At one point, MAN has two hands, but later he has fewer. GIRL is the only daughter of MAN. At one point, GIRL moves around and is in love. MAN kills GIRL too eventually. MAN cuts off one of his hands to save two of his sons but his sons die anyway. The person GIRL loves is killed and GIRL is raped. After she is raped, the tongue of GIRL is torn out and both her hands are cut off. This is done by the two sons of WIFE. MAN kills the two sons of WIFE and cooks them. He serves them to WIFE and HUSBAND. WIFE and HUSBAND eat them. MAN screams in the face of WIFE and tells her she has eaten her children and kills her. HUSBAND kills MAN. MAN’s last remaining son kills HUSBAND. END.