1572 c/o N. God Savage

A Comparative Analysis of the Moustaches
of Tycho Brahe and Edgar Allan Poe

Tycho Brahe
has thick blonde twists
sweeping from philtrum
to well below chin.
Like two sardines
leaping from the neritic brine
of his armpits, and meeting
and kissing
under nose.

Poe can't compete
with his scrawny scribble
like Hitler maybe
but less autocratic
and lopsided
in some of the pictures I have seen.

Their upper lips resonate with this fur
reaching out to each other
across seas
across space
across time.

They meet in purgatory
"Nothing earthly"
but not quite heaven
not yet.

Everything in the night sky means something
remember that.

Every hair on a face can be counted
if you have enough time
and a big enough telescope.

Big enough, say
to detect traces of Gods
in the most delicate
of celestial