1537 c/o Wes Schofield


Today we founded a city. We found a city. It was found. It is found. Founded.

The foundations were laid and parameters set. Maps will be made. Establishmentarian guidelines met. All this will be accomplished through no shortage of effort from the participating factors, yet always simply, quietly, efficiently, surrounded in love and character.

Asuncion will be her name. Named after her mother, the virgin, to whom we all pray and owe the greatest portion of ourselves for without her there would not have been and if that had not had been then we could not have seen and without our eyes we could not have found the city that lay beneath our feet waiting to be drawn up from the dust, ascending towards the heavens.

We will be populous with the ones who know their own dreams. Dreams glimpsed between the buildings and the street. Behind the shop doors and inside the homes where live our burgeoning families. We make bread and drink wine. These will be Sunday rituals for centuries. There will be no laws to govern our traditions. We will act in accordance to what pleases us with ease.

Do not come if you shelter any doubts. Leave all that you do not know on the shores you leave behind. Only the faithful will survive here. We are no longer waiting. The Assumption has arrived.