1533 c/o J. Post

Atahualpa Discovers New Addition

Imagining Atahualpa I wonder if his privates showed before those boats arrived or how his eyes learned to grow white with fear of fire. When did the tools these visitors carry turn to swords?

I’m no good at history or the present. It’s obvious. Daydreaming, like a daughter who won’t learn her times tables either. I go ahead and leave out the “either.”

4 x 3 = frost on a window = I have to go to the bathroom = feathers on a string.

6 x 6 = a song to her cat that somehow can sing back = the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B equals…

9, 8 times = I hide the counting on my fingers when I say not 67, 72, and stop guessing = at what point did this Atahualpa learn the new math, imported from across big water, when figuring sums of silver and gold?

When did it go from:

a room this big, from here to all the way over there, filled 3 x suchwise = Free. (Free, approximately equal to, take your covered skin, your org charts and risk mitigation plans and go. There is still time to consider the stars. )


Stake1 + Fuel ÷ Conversion ≤ (is reducible to) Garrote.

Forgetting history I tell her, it’s all memory. You don’t even have to learn what it means. It’s easier if you don’t. It’ll mean it all on its own if it wants to. Just memorize it then spit it out.