1531 c/o Sarah San

You missed the wave

We are having an awesome shindig. There’s a lot of food and respected people sitting around a large table in a great hall. Henry, sweet Henry, is smiling at everyone. We’re smiling back and saying positive things to him.

‘Fuck Yeah Henry’

‘You go Henry’

‘Oh Snap Henry’

He sits in his chair and grunts. There’s pork, tons of pork, and Henry reaches out to the pig and takes a big bite.

‘Damn, that’s a good pig’ he says.

And I’m excited because I’m going to get some of some that pig to eat too.

He chews, he speaks still chewing: ’About damn time I was recognized. I run the fucking Church of England bitches’

We all say ‘Whooooo’.

The hall is filled with good vibes and such.

Henry looks to his left and then his right mischievously. He places his hands on the arms of his chair and lifts himself up.

He is standing up now. He looks to his left and gives Dwayne a quick nod before he shoves his arms up into the air.

Then he immediately puts himself back into his chair in one swift motion.

Dwayne follows suit, in the same swift fashion, and then the person next to him, and then the person next to that person.

There is a wave going around the room. Yeah, everyone’s doing it. It circles the room landing back on Henry.
Once again he shoots up, getting a little pig on his robe this time around.

It goes around Once! Twice! Thr—

Henry erupts, ENOUGH!
Francis is caught mid-wave.

His voice echoes through the great hall.
The room is silent.
He takes another bite out of his pig as he says,
‘That was great fun guys’.