1525 c/o Ana C.

The bubonic plague fucked me

I'm infected and my skin looks gross. I'm going to die in 3-7 days.

I'm a virgin. My dad won’t let me get close to anyone. He says I need to get married. Nobody wants to marry me because my skin looks gross. I’ve heard and watched people fuck. It looks painful but I want to do it. Nobody wants to teach me how to fuck. Everyone runs away from me.

Nobody wants to touch me. Fuck. My skin is really gross.

My face is still pretty so the other day I almost tricked a man. I think he was going to fuck me in the street. He was doing funny things with his tongue. It felt nice. I was screaming. He told me to shut up. I couldn’t. He lifted my tunic and ran away from me. I think he didn’t fuck me. I’m sad and infected. My skin is really gross.

The other day I asked for help. A whore helped me. She told me to go fuck myself. She explained. She said I could use my fingers. I think she’s crazy.

My skin is gross and I don’t want to use my fingers.

Everyone knows I’m infected. I’m going to die. The bubonic plague fucked me.