1508 c/o Katrina Kymberly Voykin

Salve Regina

motet for five voices: superius, quinta vox, altus, tenor, bassus

Prima pars: I saw you and suddenly I didn't know how to read or write so I sang. A cappella and emotionally adrift, I'll admit _______ is gentler in aesthetic. Sophisticated. Someone said I am like bubbles about to burst, too tense. I am bizarre, but I know you're no Margherita Luti and your fingernails aren't clean. We are too smart for conventions so let me say this. Don't stop, I need to feel you tonight. Salve regina misericordiae.

Secunda pars: The dying swans have no place here. When you met me I was running through the city with red paint on my face. I was contemplating the death of nature and the poverish effect it has on me. Lack of response: desire and the sea. Lack of response: dreams and the moon. Lack of response: three A.M. and poetry, obscene. Dirty hands, what lucky star were you born under, I cannot sleep. Eja ergo, advocata nostra.

Tertia pars: Julius wants a starry sky with twelve apostles, but I want you. I was dark and you were light and I'd rather not compare us to Adam and Eve. I'd rather not separate land from water because if things were right we'd be simultaneous. I won't do this in order because the flood came before the fall of man and it's so absurd but necessary. The complexities of creation, and really it is just a subtle entanglement with you. Et Jesum, benedictum.