1504 c/o J. A. Tyler

if indeed it was me that made all of these things happen

I told them of the moon, that it was good, and I showed them that the world was round by taking from them shit still steaming and molding it into a sphere and placing it in front of their eyes. I am a wizard. And when the reeds that surround them in this place that they stand, these reeds when they started to sing with whispers, the people believed. I am to be believed. I have folded enough legs under enough chairs to know the difference between a throne and the meaning of money. I know the bite of gold when it is bitten with the teeth that are my teeth. My mouth an ocean, my tongue a boat rolling on its seas. I wave my hands to them and they see the sails un-furrowed. My brow is the sun to them, these people who see in me the screams of monster angst. Our oars will again row. I will again, I am sure, have the moon seen from another side.