1490 c/o Ben Brooks


Chaste women slide through the sobbing vomit rivers of west central Africa. The virgin watches them and smiles through a perfectly blown glass tube placed inside a water filled glass globe. Their robed knees sink into mud like the eager penises of faecal rapists.

One nun lights a cigarette and mumbles “fucking savages”, another nun takes two Vicodin pills and says “safari”.

All seven of the nuns sit cross legged in a circle and frown at each other with looks of severe discontent and facial distortions which whisper “fuck the Church”. One nun smiles. A line of naked African men emerge from between the tropical greenery behind them and the nuns rise.

A line of muddy nuns are staring at a line of naked Africans in a remote part of Kongo.

“Huzza Huzza” one African man says.

The nuns look at each other. One African man winks.

“Huzza Huzza” say the African men.