1480 c/o Adam Coates


i keep the pharos,
i keep it tidy
sometimes i chase away the birds that land here
sometimes i let them visit
sometimes i pretend i am a bird and stand at the top of the tower and feel the wind
i am happy for my job, the tower is fresh and exciting, i can watch people and boats
and people on boats

i keep the pharos,
i polish the mirror
i light the fire
the smoke smiles to me, i clean it sometimes

i like to sit at the bottom and look up
i like to sit at the top and look down

i keep the pharos
i am not happy when my tower breaks
i am not happy when it is fixed
i don’t like people to touch the pharos
i feel i have been here for a while
the stairs are smoother

i keep the pharos
sometimes people visit and talk about how wonderful it is
this makes me feel bad
people shouldn’t talk about my tower
sometimes people come and use the tower for various things
i do not mind so much because they always leave in the end

i keep the pharos
i am the pharos
the pharos am me
we battle the sea
we battle the earth
we stood strong
sometimes we whisper to each other

i keep the pharos
it is shorter now
more of it touches the ground
i don’t like this

i think it is taking a little rest

i keep the pharos

it smiles at me
it is happy
sometimes it tells me stories about its parents
sometimes it dances with me
we waltz around

i keep the pharos