1473 c/o Ryan Manning

being nicolaus copernicus

my feet hurt. i need slippers. have slippers been invented yet. i don't know. my whole body hurts. this chair is not comfortable. i need an office chair. i need to exercise. i need to stretch. will i ever get laid before i die. will someone write a wikipedia entry about me. will someone write a story about me. on the internet. will someone look at something i've done and feel negatively about it. will i formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology. will i write a book. will i be a mathematician, astronomer, physician, scholar, translator, artist, jurist, cleric, governor, military leader, diplomat and economist. will i ever be famous. when will i die. will i ever be loved and adored by a member of the opposite sex who's not my mother. will i ever achieve steady cash flow without a real job. will i ever experience not awkward sex. will i ever be accepted by my peer group. validation. that's all anyone really wants, really. that, and amazing sex. multiple orgasms. will i ever experience the joy of date rape. before i die. will i be criticized by my peer group. will i be rejected. ostracized. will i experience severe alienation. will someone dislike me for arbitrary reasons and therefore attempt to convince others to dislike me in an effort to legitimize their own arbitrary dislike of me. will i ever not masturbate. when will i stop existing. will i achieve cult status. will i ever love myself. will i ever have sex with a prostitute before i die. does it matter. what matters. does anything matter. who cares. are we fucked. what difference does it make. who am i. how am i not myself. am i making sense. i feel afraid. there is much fear in me. what exactly do i need to say in order to attract a female. that's all i really want. does that make sense. can anyone tell me what needs to be said in order for me, to get at sex. before i die. please. help.