1472 c/o Glen Clarence Djinn

Waiting for Summer

"We were all waiting for summer and then it came," said Shelly.
      Shelly and Lemuel were sitting on Shelly's front step, throwing stones at a blue bag caught on her fence. Cat and Adam had just broken up.
      "They have broken up at a time in our lives where we are unprepared to deal with the division of property. They both won that mini fridge, they won it together. They won it in the quiz." Lemuel said.
      Shelly said:
      "The thing is, they had entered into one of those relationships that is mutually beneficial to no party. They were very nurturing of each other. Very considerate of each other, but. No, actually, well, they weren't really." She twisted an ice cream stick into the gap between the paving stones. She scowled.
      "That really is not what i was trying to express," she said sadly.
      "We have all been friends since year four. If anyone should know what do do about the fridge, its us. Perhaps Cat's brothers will force Adam's hand?"
      "Cat's family are a tight and inscrutable clan" said Shelly. Cat had six brothers.
      "It is unlikely. Those six brothers are as shy as Cat," said Lemuel. "I say down with Love and Money. Norway handed Orkney and the Shetland Islands over to Scotland over a defaulted Dowry payment."
      "What? You are kidding!"
      Lemuel looked demurely at the middle of the road.
      "Indeed they did."
      "Oh. shit. Lemuel. that's the heritage of the UK! Think of them in their stone huts, considering their new near neighbours with suspicion!"
      "Well no one asked them" said Lemuel.
      There was a shout. It was Adam. He was running- and he was shouting at the same time. His face was dark red. He was sweating. Twelve doors away, he stopped. He bent over and took three long breaths with his hands on his knees. Then he straightened up and started running again.
      Lemuel stood up, alert.
      "Adam has something to tell us!' he declared.