1471 c/o Ben Segal

Switzerland, 1471

Today we got her but good. She would have cast her escape spell, but we cut off her hands and then diced them into cubes and scattered them in different lakes to be eaten by geographically diverse fishes. Well, so they could not re-attach themselves to her, so she could not cast her escape spell. She has pretty and long hair that is so blond it is almost white and that I would want to bury my face in (admiringly) if only she wasn't-- well, if only she wasn't a witch.

Ok, yes in fact we do have evidence that should be more than strong enough to convince the good gentlemen of the Swiss Confederation that she is indeed a Satanic cultist. Well, for one thing she takes evident pleasure in sex. And she tempted me (actively and using all manner of witchcraft) from my betrothed to spill my seed betwixt her strong, lithe loins.

So then I had to cube her hands. Yes of course and burn that cross into her chest that she bared at me. That bare chest, those heavings, those small pert---Oh yes, and the lashing of the feet was for the prevention of running, as she is known to be very fast. Yes, I know. I am and she is. Well, no, but you see the performing of witchcraft is evidenced by my actions with regards to her, and witchcraft is a priori the sign of a witch. Quite right. Ok next time we'll leave the body intact.