1447 c/o Crispin Best

A Chess Punctuation Reader

= 'Even position'
Usage example: Pattie and Clive are good friends, they like one another and both have exactly 75p in their pocket and are each wearing mittens=

+/= or =/+ 'Slight advantage'
Usage example: James is a little taller than Frederick, he doesn't suffer from Frederick's debilitating back pain or sinister limp, and he brushes his teeth more regularly than Frederick+/=

+− or −+ 'Decisive advantage'
Usage example: Nancy is standing on the girl's chest and pointing a primed and loaded slingshot in her face+-

?? 'Blunder'
Usage example: Francis was born. His body grew slowly old and tired??

? 'Mistake'
Usage example: Kirsten said a faintly rude word? and someone was very offended by it?

?! 'Dubious move'
Usage example: Jack Benny arranged for, after his death, a rose to be delivered to his wife every day for the rest of her life?!

!? 'Interesting move'
Usage example: As an encore, Guns N' Roses played the theme from Back to the Future!?

! 'Good move'
Usage example: Tallulah rubbed her nose and face and ears very hard and danced a bit!

!! 'Brilliant move'
Usage example: Johnny did exactly what he thought was the precisely right thing to do and it was a kind and delicate thing!!

Usage example: Wait, is that picture of Salman Rushdie or Stanley Kubrick