1426 c/o Crispin Best

Tezozomoc Between the Braziers

Tezozomoc between the braziers.

Tezozomoc holding an obsidian sword.

Tezozomoc on a hill, looking at other hills.

Tezozomoc trying to sit up.

Tezozomoc stepping ineffectually on the neck of a tapir.

Tezozomoc staring at a bee that is sitting on his arm.

Tezozomoc swaddled in feathers and skins and frowning.

Tezozomoc shaking his head.

Tezozomoc looking through clouds at the sun.

Tezozomoc alone, counting his sons on his fingers.

Tezozomoc feeling in every way slow, slow, slow.

Tezozomoc small and shrivelled and creased and clenching his fist.

Tezozomoc quietly immersed in eating.

Tezozomoc wondering what he's going to do.

Tezozomoc, sleeping, carried on shoulders.